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Touristic information

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Juan Lacaze

Juan L. Lacaze is a city of the department of Cologne, Uruguay.

She is located on the beach of the River Plate, on which one it has a port, called The Willow, or Of The Willow next to the mouth of the Creek of the Willow.

It is provided with a beautiful bay and a beach, the South Beach with 6 km of extension, which joins the Rio Rosary with Green Beach, that as his name indicates it possesses very much green and greatly lawn.

His population belongs to 13.000 persons approximately, according to the census of 2004.

It takes his name in honor to Juan Luis Lacaze, who helped to the development of the city.

It is a locality with industrial tendency. From the beginning of the XXth Century the National Factory of Role is in functioning, called at present FANAPEL, and textile Campomar that they provide employment to hundreds of his inhabitants. The factory Campomar at the end of the XXth century had to close, while FANAPEL continues with his industrial and exporting activity.

An unfolded incessant movimento day and night they give a style different from this city. The River Plate that frames it has been a factor gravitante in his evolution; an active port, beaches hoisted with soft sand, excellent fishing and nautical sports, are valid reasons to attract the tourist, which joined the geniality of his inhabitants determine the desire to return.


- José Carbajal known as the Sabalero, Willow (Juan Lacaze) was born on December 18, 1943 in Port. He is a singer, composer and Uruguayan guitarist, between his most out-standing songs they are: Childish prank, black Cherubs, To my people, The Sencillita.

- Osvaldo Laport was born on August 12, 1956, his original name is Rubens Osvaldo Jesus Udaquiola Laport. He is an actor of soap operas, telecomedias and movies. In spite of being an Uruguayan, it acts principally in Argentina, where it obtained the reputation for his good performance.

- Cristian Rodríguez Barotti, was born on September 30, 1985, he is an Uruguayan soccer player. It gets out of debt in the mediocampista position. At present it integrates the Portuguese team I carry and in turn it plays in the Uruguayan soccer selection.

- Ernesto Javier Chevanton Espinoza, was born on August 12, 1980, he is a soccer player, at present it plays of forward in the Seville FC of the First Spanish division.

- Germán Stove - soccer player

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